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Sterilization Gusseted Rolls Solution


Gusseted Rolls Solution

Sizes Available from 7.5cm - 60 cm width to 100mtrs length

  • Conforms to EN 868 & ISO 11607
  • Tinted film to ensure visible seal integrity
  • Steam & EO Indicators
  • Batch Number for complete traceability

100mtrs Length

ITEM CODE RSG R075100 RSGRO100100 RSGRO125100 RSGRO150100
SIZE (W x L) 7.5cm x 100mtrs 10cm x 100mtrs 12.5cm x 100mtrs 15cm x 100mtrs
ITEM CODE RSG R0200100 RSG R0250100 RSGR300100 RSGRO350100
SIZE (W x L) 20cm x 100mtrs 25cm x 100mtrs 30cm x 100mtrs 35cm x 100mtrs
ITEM CODE RSG R0400100 RSG R0500100 RSGRO600100
SIZE (W x L) 40cm x 100mtrs 50cm x 100mtrs 60cm x 100mtrs

Sterilization Rolls

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